More 2002tii Bodywork

It's looking pretty speckled at this point.
We applied filler to the areas where we welded the trim holes shut and where we spliced in new sheet metal.
If we were going for a look with Army Green paint and black flares, we'd be nearly there.

We’ll readily admit that we’re not in the business of doing bodywork. That said, we find a lot of pleasure in this sometimes frustrating process of smoothing out wrinkly sheet metal. We spent the weekend with some filler and a whole bushel of sanding pads as we smoothed out our BMW’s once-crusty exterior.

Once we had the surface looking smooth to the naked eye, we put down another layer of primer to get a better handle on the areas we needed to improve. We also fitted the flares to see how things were shaping up on that front. We’re getting excited to see the car head off to the paint booth.

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Datsun310Guy PowerDork
6/20/11 12:17 p.m.

You are doing a great job on this project. I have neither the time, skill, nor the money to duplicate your project so I will just live vicariously through you. Thanks!

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