Alfa GTV Comes to Our Garage

Loading up the car at Mark’s house.
After the car had it’s nice and expensive paint job, it just sat, picking up a few waves in the sheetmetal that will be fixable without paint and this ding that will require paint.
We stuffed our Pathfinder full of everything that went with the car. Hmm..the smell of old car, while you’re in a new one!
Back at home in our garage, the GTV looks dwarfed by our MINI.

We know it’s missing a lot and that may determine the future direction of this project.

We picked up the GTV on Saturday morning. We left Friday morning at 6 am and got up to Beacon Falls, Connecticut at midnight. We caught up with Mark Daddio on Saturday morning and had the car loaded and got back on the road by 10:00 a.m. We finally arrived in Ormond by 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. The things we’ll do for a cool car!

The car was as represented by Mark and in some ways, a lot better. The good: The car had close to $10,000 worth of sheetmetal and bodywork prior to its abandonment in the storage facility. That includes new floorpans as well as new bottoms for the quarters, front fenders and doors. The car has had a boatload of mechanical work done as well, including a rebuilt head and transmission, as well as extensive brake work (which still function by the way)

The bad: The car picked up a few dings while it sat, and the head is indeed cracked in several places. The trim and interior are shot and we haven’t inventoried all of the now crumbling cardboard boxes full of stuff to see how complete it is. We know it’s missing a lot and that might determine the future direction of this project.

While our parts car in nearby DeLand will get us a rear window and side window, the windshield was still AWOL. We called a buddy of ours, Al Taylor of Al Taylor Sports Cars who happened to have a spare GTV windshield, and even the trim pieces that surround it for $150.

It’s even the more desirable seal-type from an earlier car, not the glue-in type, which is all that’s practically available now. We picked up the windshield as we headed South through North Carolina, which saved shipping costs.

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