Alfa Short Block Assembly

Torqueing the main bearing caps to spec.
Our new pistons are from a later spider, they’re from the Motronic-injected cars.
We used the soft end of a hammer to push the pistons into their bores.
Here’s the timing portion of the engine, a chain that runs off the crankshaft’s sprocket.
The short block is now assembled and we’re getting ready to install the head.

We spent some quality time in the garage assembling the short block for our Alfa. We had to redo a couple of things along the way (forgot some piston wrist pin clips on cylinder #2) and we had to devise a way to hold the liners in the block while it was upside down. We wound up clamping them in using a pair of aftermarket Subaru exhaust hangers and a small section of PVC pipe to keep them in place.

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