Jul 26, 2006 update to the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV project car

Cleaning Up Under the Hood

We did a “rough prime” on the engine compartment, highlighting the areas that need to be sanded more.
Here’s what we used to paint the engine compartment, it worked pretty well without a lot of mess.
After the paint was dried, we started sorting out the wiring using a Prospero’s Garage wiring diagram for the Alfa
We repainted some more of the interior as well, as the dashboard is still out of the car.
The cylinder head is still at the machine shop, it’s been cleaned up and it’s ready to have new valve guides pressed in.
Kenny at the machine shop has cleaned and sorted all of the springs, keepers and shims that the head uses.

We finished cleaning out the engine compartment and scuffed the paint last night. This was followed by a quick coat of primer to highlight the areas that still need attention. Those sections will be resanded and the entire bay will be primed once more before we spray a coat of Le Mans Blue paint.

We painted the engine compartment and interior of the Alfa. We used the same Fill-In reducer cans to paint the areas, but this time we used it with a catalyzed paint. This means that the end result will be tougher and more resistant to damage from brake cleaners and gasoline. We had the paint mixed up and added the catalyst. The mixture was injected into the cans shortly before we sprayed it. You can’t let it sit around for days or even hours in a catalyzed state.

The cylinder head is still at the machine shop and we’ve got new valve guides on order from International Auto Parts. Next up, we need to disassemble our bottom end and get going on the rest of the rebuild.

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