Sep 11, 2006 update to the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV project car


Remember this dent? We decided to fix it this weekend.
After we scuffed the surface, we applied a layer of HalfTime polyester filler to the area.
We then used our Black&Decker Mouse to sand the excess filler down.
Once the filler was smoothed down, we sprayed on some sandable primer.
The primer was wet-sanded down for a very level surface.
Next, we started spraying on a layer of paint using our Nason Fill-in reducer rattle can.
With several coats, you can see it looks pretty darn good.
If you look really close, you can see that we need to wetsand and buff the edges where the new paint blends into the old.

We decided to try our hand at some bodywork by fixing the dent on the quarter panel that our car picked up during its long stay in storage. We started off with a few thin layers of filler, smoothing this down and then working with sandable primer. This was followed by several coats of Le Mans Blue (AR348) paint that now needs to be blended in by wet sanding and buffing.

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