GTV at the Machine Shop

Kenny checks the fit of the valve in the new guide.
New guides have been pressed into our head.
The valve seats are being cut now.
The block has been cleaned out and the liners have been removed. The seating surface for the liners looks good.
The crank looks good and does not need to be reground, we can use the stock sized bearings.

Having a machine shop perform the basics of a rebuild on this Alfa engine won’t be that expensive. Cleaning and checking the cylinder head, pressing in new guides and machining the seats will set us back about $200.

Cleaning the block and sundries, removing the stuck-fast liners and checking the crank, rod and pistons will set us back another $200. That means for about $1000, we will have a completely fresh engine! We’ll be adding extras like hot camshafts from International Auto Parts but those aren’t strictly necessary.

When we stopped by the machine shop to check on the status of our engine the new valve guides had been pressed into the head and Kenny was checking the fit of the valve stems. The stems are a little tight; so the guides will need to be honed to get nice and smooth valve actuation.

Our engine work is progressing along and we think we’ll have it back from the machine shop later this week. The valve seats are being cut now and our crank has been cleaned and polished. The crank’s rod and main bearing surfaces are all within specs, so we can use the stock sized bearings. This is good news!

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