Sep 8, 2006 update to the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV project car

Lining Up

The Classic Tube lines come pre-bent. We chose stainless for long life and good looks.
The lines came with new fittings, also stainless, that we threaded into our master cylinder and fittings.

About a month ago, we sent our old brake lines to Classic Tube so that they could be reproduced in new stainless steel stock. The lines, including new braided flexible lines, showed up yesterday and we started the installation process. The lines that we sent were about half original and half replacements, so a few of the bends weren’t quite right, but a quick flex of the line straightened things out. This weekend, we’ll finish the installation and bleed the brakes.

Classic Tube’s pricing is quite reasonable. The Stainless Steel hard lines are $200-$225 depending on number of lines. StopFlex Stainless Braided hoses are 39.95 each

Speaking of stainless, our new exhaust system arrived. It’s made by Magnaflow for the online community AlfaBB to sell.

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