Jun 19, 2006 update to the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV project car

Removing the Alfa’s Engine

We started by removing the exhaust manifold.
Next up, we unbolted the driveshaft as a complete unit and removed it.
The engine and transmission come out of the car as a complete unit pretty easily, except for one thing…
You need to disconnect the center link of the steering to get the bellhousing past.
With the engine out, we can disconnect the transmission, clutch and flywheel.
We then transferred the engine to its stand.

This weekend, we removed the engine from our Alfa. This was done for several reasons. The engine needs a complete rebuild, as the cylinder head cracked, allowing oil and anti-freeze to mix in the block. The engine compartment also needs new paint. It looks pretty scruffy in comparison to the rest of the shell.

Removing an Alfa engine is pretty simple because only a few specialized tools are needed. We used a hoist to lift the engine out and an engine stand to keep it off the floor. Otherwise, just a selection of 10, 13, 17 and 19mm wrenches and sockets got the job done. We had the engine unhooked from the car and out of the body within four hours, including the time it took to borrow a trailer to pick up the engine hoist. You have to love the simplicity of classic cars.

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