May 30, 2006 update to the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV project car

Replacing an Alfa Windshield

The front windshield is glued in using a urethane window sealant.
After the windshield is set down on the glue, the trim was glued to the windshield. We used duct tape to keep it from moving around while the glue cured.
The first step for the rear window is to install the rubber and trim on the glass.
The glass is then set down in the opening.
Working from the inside, a cord that was previously inserted in the channel of the rubber is pulled out while the glass is pushed in from the outside.
With all of the glass now in the car, we packed it up for its move to a new garage.

We’ve got a new windshield from ProSource Glass International. It was $268 for the glue-in type, with a $115 truck freight charge and a $25 crating fee. While that’s not cheap, it’s the only source we’ve found for new glass for our vintage Alfa. We chose to go with the glue-in type glass even though we have the seal and trim for the seal-type windshield because of timing and logistics—the seal-types are on back-order currently.

Since we now need the trim from a glue-in windshield, we took a trip out to DeLand and pulled the windshield trim off our scurvy parts car. We managed to get it out with out bending it and without cutting ourselves too badly on the shards of delaminating 30 year old safety glass and jagged bits of rusted metal. Working on old cars is fun!

For install, we used the services of Lee & Cates glass; they charged us $180 to install both windows. While that seems high, it’s not the easiest of jobs and there are quite a few potential pitfalls. The least of which is the breakage of unobtainable rear glass and our newly purchased windshield.

With the car looking more and more like a real car, we packed it up for its move to a new location. Unlike it’s first move from Connecticut to Florida, this move is just around the corner to our editor’s new home.

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