Apr 27, 2006 update to the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV project car

Replacing the Alfa’s Headliner

The original headliner is yellowed and torn.
Despite our best efforts, the pulls that mount to the roof were crumbling from oxidation and the screws that secured them to the unibody were stuck fast.
The old foam was removed and replaced with new 1/2-inch thick foam.
We layed the headliner on our garage floor and marked off where the recessed area needed to go.
The recessed area was then cut out of the main liner and glued to the surround.
With the headliner initially installed, you can see the wrinkles that still need to be worked out.
Doh! When we were moving the windshield to work on the headliner, we picked it up a little crooked…and this was our reward. Time to find a new windshield-Again!
With the headliner in, we can start assembling all of the little trim bits that make a GTV so pretty.

We got a pretty big shipment of parts for the GTV last week from International Auto Parts, including the headliner and window seals.

Our first step is to install the headliner so the windows can be put back in. That’ll clean up our garage, a lot.

Last night, we removed the sun visors, handles and dome lights from the Alfa to start the headliner replacement. It took much longer than expected because the screws that secured many of the parts were corroded and stuck. We wound up drilling several out and found that several of the pulls were crumbling from aluminum oxidation. That’s pretty strange as the rest of the car is so clean. We’re actually not sure if these are going back in, as we might be installing a roll bar or cage into our project.

Last night we took several steps forward on our Alfa project and one step back. The headliner is now in and we are in the process of tightening it to remove wrinkles. With the headliner back in the car, the trim pieces, quarter windows and seals can be installed. It’ll be a lengthy process as these cars are very complicated.

When we moved the windshield around, we managed to crack it and now we’re on the look out for a new seal-type windshield for our car. After talking with our glass shop, we think we need to order either a “Veloce” or a “1750” windshield to get the correct seal-type (not glue-in) windshield.

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