Aug 24, 2006 update to the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV project car

Shipping out the Webers

Like just about everything else on the car, you can unbolt the Webers from the manifolds with a 13mm wrench.
The Webers are ready to ship; here you can see the adapters that are used to mate the DCOEs to the Spica manifold.

Last night, we talked at length with Mike Pierce at Pierce Manifolds about our Webers. It turns out that the 40DCOE32 are a darn good carburetor for the Alfa application. The 32 at the end denotes the specific model of Weber and this particular one has good transitions and internal valving for the Alfa’s twin cam engine.

So, that answers the question of whether or not it makes sense to just buy new ones. These should be rebuilt. Unfortunately, they’re awful crusty from years of use and disuse, so we’re sending them to Mike for a thorough cleaning. We’ll be posting pictures of what Mike finds and how the rebuild process goes.

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