Jan 3, 2008 update to the Saab 99 LE project car

A Christmas Drive Goes Bad

Our Xterra pulled the jump and tow duty the next day.

We went for a drive in the country in our Saab 99 on Christmas, but it ended rather abruptly thanks to an unknown fuel injection problem.

We wound up draining the battery trying to get the car restarted, and finally wound up just towing the car back to our house using a 20-foot tow strap.

In other news, we copied the “LE” stripe that remained on the passenger side of the car; we had it cut for the driver’s side out of black vinyl material. Now the car is a little more symetrical.

Edit: It turns out that the car just ran out of gas. Credit a nonfunctional gas gauge for that little fumble.

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rconlon HalfDork
1/11/08 1:33 p.m.

As I always tell myself. Check the simple things first.

Cheers Ron

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