Sep 13, 2007 update to the Saab 99 LE project car

Garfield goes to Florida…

Jason unloads Garfield after its trek down from Kentucky.
The interior is very clean and complete. We’ll swap that driver’s seat with one from the rally car, as the rally car will get FIA buckets soon.
The engine turns over.
his is the only rust perforation that we’ve seen so far.
Carb porn
We gave the Saab a much needed bath, which revealed no real frightening areas of corrosion. Unlike our 99 rally car.
Per has entered the fringes of society, with two Saab 99s in his driveway.
Our goal last night was to get the original tank out.
This is the junk that we drained out of the original tank.
The tank from our 1977 Saab is larger, but the tank repair shop said that it would probably be the better choice as it’s less rusty inside, despite the hole that needs to be patched.
We poked around at the car’s surface rust spots. We’ll probably just scrub off the loose stuff, wetsand off the stains, treat the spot and touch it up. Our goal is to retain as much of the original paint as possible for the time being.

Garfield made it to Florida, and we immediately started cleaning and inspecting.

The only rust-through is a weird spot in the middle of the door, possibly where the inner door beam rubbed against the outer door skin. The rest of the rust is all surface and can be treated without welding.

The smell of varnished gas is pretty pungent. We’ve drained and removed the stock gas tank from the orange car and compared it to the one on the 77. The later tank is a little larger and uses an in-tank fuel pump. It’s also simpler in terms of hoses and return lines.

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