Pontiacs, Porsches and Planes

A Pontiac, a Porsche and a plane walk into a bar....
While at Aerodynamics, a shop located near Daytona Beach, Florida, that services both Porsches and planes, we saw our pal Spotty.
On the way home we visited Daytona Beach's Tomoka Landfill for a quick trip across the scales. Total weight: 5120 pounds.

Now that the alternator and radiator have been replaced, our 1975 Pontiac Safari Catalina seems to be humming along. So we went on a little outing. Aerodynamics, our local Porsche repair shop, hosted a little open house—grab a nosh, see friends, and check out some cars.

While our 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera might have made more sense, we decided to bring the Pontiac. Despite the hardware present—including a new Aston Martin DB9—the Pontiac was a hit.

On the way home, we stopped by the local landfill to take advantage of their scales. Published weight for the wagon is a click less than 5000 pounds. With very little gas on board, the dump’s scales registered 5120 pounds.

Soon we’ll get it on our Longacre scales for the official verdict. So, any guesses to the weight those scales will read?

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