12 Bolts Later, Axle Fixed

A lift and tools makes everything go smoothly.
New axle, ready for install.
Ta-da, new axle installed.

Now we can motor smoothly—well, sort of.

We (finally) took care of that torn CV boot. We discovered it during an oil change, as the grease spraying all over the place was a bit hard to miss.

We had a few options: Rebuild the joint, replace the joint, or replace the entire axle. Rebuilding or replacing just the joint is kind of messy, and then we’d still have one old—possibly original—CV joint. For $248.13 we scored a brand-new, OE-quality axle from AutohausAZ. We even got free shipping.

Installation went smoothly, and we spent some time cleaning up the mess. Now we can motor smoothly—well, sort of.

The car picked up a bit of growl a week or two ago. It sounded like a bad wheel bearing, and the right-front wheel did have a tiny bit of a wobble. We tightened the bearing and went for a follow-up drive. Problem: Now the noise seemed a bit worse. Solution: New front wheel bearings are on the way.

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