Porsche Post-Purchase Inspection

Randy's an old friend of ours and knows a few things about Porsches. He used to own a Porsche repair shop and has offered us his services.
He also has a fairly big home shop and lots of cool tools.

During the test drive he called the car “impeccable,” which was nice to hear.

Our good friend Randy DuVall used to own a Porsche repair shop, and Saturday morning he did a post-purchase inspection for us. Yes, we know, you’re supposed to do a pre-purchase inspection, but the car came with good records and we trusted the seller since he’s a friend.

Randy offered to help with the car’s maintenance and has a very nice home shop. After seeing the photos, he wanted to experience the car firsthand.

During the test drive he called the car “impeccable,” which was nice to hear. Our shopping list is fairly reasonable. As we figured, the front a/c condenser’s blower motor is toast, so we’ll replace it soon.

Our future to-do list includes the shifter bushings—an easy, inexpensive job that should ease the gear changing action—and the 911 Turbo tie rods. The Turbo tie rods won’t make the car any faster, but they offer much better steering feel.

First, though, the car needs a bath. We also need to give the black rubber trim some much-needed love. Randy sent us home with a can of Wurth rubber and vinyl treatment.

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Carrera4 Reader
9/4/09 2:31 p.m.

Shifter bushings and Turbo tie rods are both excellent starting points. I did them on my 77 C3 and the difference was palpable!

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