Project Porsche 911: Time to for a Reboot

It’s time. Time for what? To move our 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera back to the front burner. 

This one entered our lives more than a decade ago as a clean California car. It didn’t need much of anything, but at some point, we found a broken head stud–and around that same time realized that the valves had gotten noisy. Scroll through all of the project car updates for details on those two big jobs.

While we have been driving (and enjoying) the car, we haven’t had much to report. Well, time to give the car a bit more attention. Look for regular updates to start back up.

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TheRev New Reader
4/11/20 2:21 p.m.

Just found this build log. Love it! And let me commend your great taste in cars! A 3.2 Carrera, e46 M3, and NA Miata make a killer combo! It's similar to my own.

I used to track NA's and NB's at Texas World Speedway and enjoyed wrenching and running them immensley. I sold the last one when the track shut down and bought an S2K to enjoy for a bit before finally finding the '85 Carrera coupe I'd always wanted. That joins a 330i ZHP e46 as my daily. I wanted an e46 M3 in your exact color, but my wife vetoed a 2-door as a daily since we've got elementary-aged kids. I can't complain as she did give me the thumbs up on dumping a bunch of aftermarket parts into it to make it a perfect track/kingergarten-shuttle sedan! Between that and the 911, I'm a lucky man! I still hope we get a replacement track one day in our neck of the woods. If we do, another miata will surely join the fleet! 


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