Starting to Look Like an Engine

It's starting to look like an engine. That machined block and straight edge attached to the front of the engine is used to get the timing chains parallel.
Here's the stud that stripped. It just stripped.
A thin film of Loctite sealant is applied between the cam towers and the cylinder heads. Before we could reinstall the head, we had to remove all of this goop.
But the heads and cam towers are now back on. Randy showed us how to set up the cam sprockets. This one job took most of the morning.
Changing gears a bit, our injectors now look beautiful. Marren serviced them.

The engine rebuild on our 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera is being a bit stubborn.

We’d like to tell you that every magazine project car jumps together at the snap of our fingers, but sadly that’s not the case. The engine rebuild on our 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera is being a bit stubborn.

Despite a few small setbacks, we are making progress. Probably the biggest snafu involved one of the studs that secures the cam tower to the actual cylinder heads.

During the initial torque, all went well. But during the final torque—and this is with a calibrated Snap-on wrench operated by a trained professional—one of the studs let loose. Looks like the threads just came off.

So that meant we had to remove the cam tower, remove that head, weld a nut to the offending stud, and remove the stud with an impact gun. Then we had to remove all of the sealant from that mating surface before starting over. Basically, we lost a few hours of work.

But for the most part, things are coming together. This is definitely an involved project, but it will make for a killer story. And on the plus side, at least the stud broke now instead of when we retorque everything in a few thousand miles.

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