Project Rabbit GTI: Deferred Maintenance

We told you last time that there wasn't much mechanically wrong with our Rabbit GTI, but there were some deferred maintenance issues to deal with. Plus, some components just needed to be replaced since we had no records proving when it was last done.


To that end, we called Techtonics Tuning, ordered the needed parts, and replaced the water pump, timing belt, and sagging front engine mount.






We also went through the front brakes and rebuilt the front axles, as the boots had ripped and—on one side at least—the axle was rather tight.


While you can rebuild CV axles yourself, most larger towns have experts that specialize in this work, and the $150 you they charge will save you from a nasty, greasy job that usually requires some new ball bearings that you won't have readily available. This will also get you fresh boots and everything cleaned and painted.


Next, we rebuilt the absolutely worn-out shift linkage. Techtonics Tuning has a nice short-shift kit that makes this job easy. Unlike some quick-shift kits, the one results in quicker and tighter shifts without being miserable.



Our final mechanical modification was to replace our rusted-out exhaust system with a new 2.5-inch system from Techtonics Tuning.


We had to modify the front pipe slightly to make it fit our Calloway turbo-equipped car.



Once installed, it doesn’t hit anything and sounds great without being too loud. You can find it for $320 here.

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conesare2seconds Dork
9/3/20 8:18 a.m.


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