Project Rabbit GTI: Installing a New Windshield

When we purchased our 1984 Rabbit GTI, we were warned that it had a badly cracked windshield. In case we had to drive the car somewhere for a replacement, we first got the car running and driving.

We then called the Body Werks, the local body shop that we use on a regular basis. They had Precision Auto Glass call us, and for $400 they found this supposedly difficult-to-locate, bonded-in windshield.

A few days later, a couple of guys came to our shop, and within an hour they had the old windshield cut out.

Upon seeing a couple of minor areas that needed attention underneath the windshield, we asked them for a couple of days to clean and rustproof this area well. They gladly obliged.

Once we had everything cleaned and painted with some Eastwood Rust Encapsulator, they returned with their tools; suction cups allowed them to grab windshield with and just pop it into place. They installed a bead of semi-soft surround to the windshield and then added some of their sealer once the windshield was installed.

As the plastic interior trim at the bottom of the windshield was a bit tender, they helped us glue it back into place as well.

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