Project Boxster S: Replacing the Dual-Mass Flywheel With an Aluminum Piece

After solving the IMS bearing problem in our Porsche 986 Boxster S, it was time to reattach the transmission.

Before we did that, though, Sean Mickel from the Nort Northam Collection suggested that we replace the original dual-mass flywheel with an aluminum one from Spec Clutch.

He explains that, thanks to its lighter weight, the aluminum flywheel reduces stress on the engine while allowing it to spool up quicker.


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Lugnut Dork
12/3/20 1:52 p.m.

Do you have part numbers and a preferred sponsor supplier for these? I'm about to do an IMS solution on my own '04 SE and I want to do a LWFW and clutch. There are a couple options for the clutch. Mine is mostly a street car that I am going to thrash on track a dozen times a year and autocross 5 times a year (and still concours 5 times a year), but won't kill my left leg or frustate me in traffic.

Lugnut Dork
12/7/20 11:24 a.m.

I ended up ordering from FCP Euro:

  • Porsche Stage 2 Clutch Kit - Spec SP902S
  • Porsche Billet Aluminum Flywheel - Spec SP87A

From the video it looks like a SPEC stage 1 clutch, but FCP's stage 1 clutch says it's made for the stock dual-mass flywheel, and the lowest one made for the LWFW is the stage 2.

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