May 29, 2020 update to the Porsche Boxster S project car

Project Porsche Boxster S: The Truth About Porsche IMS Bearing Failure and How to Fix It

Discuss early Boxsters, and talk of the intermediate shaft bearing—better known as the IMS bearing—will quickly pop up. This bearing drives the camshafts and can fail. Or it might not. But its failure can send debris through the engine, resulting in the need for a long, costly rebuild.

Naturally, we wanted to avoid any of this with our 2001 Porsche Boxster S, so we asked Porsche technician Sean Mickle from the Nort Northam Collection to inspect our engine and explain the situation. 

His solution? An IMS Solution Kit from LN Engineering that essentially replaces the stock, sealed bearings with an oil-fed bushing reminiscent of the ones found in earlier air-cooled Porsches.


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