Submitted by Tim Baxter on Jan. 29, 2008

Found a MG in Omaha, NE

Found a MG in Omaha, NE

I was having a conversation with Brian Goldsmith when he told me about an old MG YA that he saw over at the U-Pull-It junkyard in South Omaha. It sounded interesting so I called Phil Brauer, who I promised to take on a junk parts run, and off we went for a day of rummaging through old cars in search of treasurer. Phil found a space saver spare for his MG and I found some wheels for my old Mustang. We also found the remains of the MG YA.

This poor creature was languishing between a 60s vintage Jag sedan and 80s vintage Porsche. She looked sadly out of place being a relic from 1947 stripped of the important parts like her bold vertical chromed slat radiator grill and MG badge that distinguished her as something special. She was severely neglected and ravaged by scavengers.

Yet upon closer inspection she still reflected signs of a classic automobile. As I opened the front passenger suicide style door I noticed the window opening was completely trimmed in wood. Years of exposure had stripped the finish leaving the wood gray and checked. The wood had shrunk and exposed the seams where the pieces joined. That which was left of the upholstery showed a lot of detail with wrapped door pulls and piping on the seams. I pulled down the center armrest from the rear seat and was delighted to see it had been protected from the elements and shone a bright red color from the original fit. It had to be classy in its day and occupants in the back seat undoubtedly were made to feel like they were riding in luxury.

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