Submitted by Ron_Macnab on April 1, 2008

Found a Citroen in Dartmouth, NS

Found a Citroen in Dartmouth, NS

Dear Classic Motorsports,

During a recent visit to the Uruguayan city of Colonia del Sacramento on the north shore of the Rio de la Plata, my wife and I explored the historic section that dates back to the days of colonization by the Portuguese and the Spanish, and which has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In addition to the buildings and cobblestone alleyways of the old town, we were struck by the number of vintage automobiles that were parked in various locations. Some of these appeared to be regular runners, but judging by the state of their tires, others looked like they’d been occupying the same spots for a long time.

This car in particular caught our attention: it was parked next to ‘El Drugstore,’ a funky combination of restaurant and art gallery. I didn’t examine any identifying marks, but I’d say it’s a Citroen Traction Avant, complete with tree branches emerging from its roof and side windows. It’s definitely ‘rooted’ to the spot, and no doubt its primary function is to help project the restaurant’s artsy ambiance into the outdoors…

I hope you enjoy this photo.

Cheers! Ron

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