Ran When Parked

Whether they're beautifully preserved barn finds or broken-down basket cases, our world seems to be full of great classic cars that need a little (or lots of) TLC.

In our Ran When Parked section, we let you share your latest finds.

Latest finds

Sept. 30, 2012
Found a Pontiac in Himrod, NY

It was there last month but it’s gone now.

Aug. 11, 2010
Found a Pontiac in Memphis, TN

Oh gosh I hate when that happens!! Welcome to Memphis, TN. This car still runs but it doesn’t go.

April 11, 2010
Found a Pontiac in Medford, or

Interior of the Pontiac….

April 11, 2010
Found a Pontiac in Medford, OR

1956 Pontic bought for $700. at a Silver Collector Auction at an estate sale in Oregon. Hadn’t been moved in 12 years…fresh gas source, plugs and a battery, and it did a 60 foot …

March 26, 2009
Found a Pontiac in Kankakee, Il

A couple of cars sunk into the ground. At the edge of Route 45 just south of Kankakee, Illinois. They look like they were once for sale, but there are no signs on the …

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