Started on April 25 by skunkman

1988 Volvo 745 ti


The Good a. Razorwire Custom Coils (lowered 1.5”) b. Tokico Blue Shocks & Struts c. Zimmerman Crossdrilled Rotors & Ceramic Pads (All around) d. New E-brake hardware and shoes e. Custom 2.5” exhaust from Downpipe to rear. (only 1 muffler) f. IPD 25mm front and rear anti-sway bars. g. Short Throw Shifter (from a guy on h. greddy style BOV (eBay Special) i. Manual Boost Controller (eBay cheapo bleed valve) j. New front Strut Mounts (that’s why they make a thumping noise when turning lock to lock, they’re a little tight) k. Stereo with Bluetooth l. Huge massive JDM Tite Yo! Darth Vader Style Wing. m. Slim Line Electric fan. (reduces load on engine) n. Fiam Air Horns. (really loud and sound like a ferrari, but the hoses sometimes pop off.) o. New front markers and turn signal lenses p. New windshield q. Silverstar Headlights (not many of them at the time I got my hands on them) r. Triple gauge pod, gauges senders, yadda yadda. s. New blower motor for HVAC t. Wheels & Tires (TSW Zandervoort 18X8 ET20 wheels) u. New clutch master and slave cylinder about 15K miles old v. New timing belt and water pump (about 15K to 20K miles ago.) w. Alarm, Semi-keyless entry x. Drive Shaft: replaced Flex Disk and Center Carrier Bearing y. Replaced yet another Clutch Slave Cylinder as the clip came off the old one when I was going about 85 and shifted into 4th. z. The Bad a. Fuel Pump Relay (Gets hot and leaves you stranded, working on a mesh screen to replace the ash tray to help keep it cooler) b. Still have a vibration in the rear, pretty sure one of my tires isnt round. c. Cooling fan control (This should be put on a timed relay that waits 30 seconds before starting, instead of the current toggle switch. I’m really getting tired of forgetting to turn it off and draining the battery) d. Battery? (While it is enough to start the car, it seems like it’s been getting weaker. e. Interior trim. (the door pull on the drivers door is broken. The drim just above the belt line of the dash is crap. The coin/side pocked on the driver’s seat has lost the retaining screw so it’s flobbery.) f. Seat Heaters (The seats are from a 90 model, the connectors to the 88 body are different I never bothered to cobble them together.) g. Window tracks need lube (All the window tracks should get a little white lithium grease) h. Driver’s Door Lock. (The solenoid is there, but the linkage from the passenger’s side door from another 7 or 9 is needed to tie it together. Then just wire the solenoid and it’s full keyless entry. As previously mentioned it’s Semi-Keyless) i. Air Conditioning (The leak was traced to one of the fittings on the compressor which will have to be replaced(the compressor that is), then recharge the system with r134a and it’ll blow cold.) j. Ignition Switch (Currently its a push-button, it’s a common failure. The Ugly a. The tail gate (it’s aluminum, but it had corrosion so I spray painted it, and the interior trim fell off, and the wiper motor doesn’t work) b. The door handles (I have four late model V90 smooth door handles which are nice, but need to be installed) c. Bumpers (It’s possible to resurrect them, but 940/960 bumpers bolt on and look better. I’m probably going to use 940 bumpers with fog lights from E12 and install a splitter for looks, may try to find a bumper from a 850R or V70R, I’ve been told they’ll bolt up but haven’t confirmed that.) d. The fog lights aren’t hooked up. They’re new, but not connected. (That will be fixed when I do the new bumper) e. windshield trim. (When the new windshield was installed the dude screwed up all the trim and clips. He was apologetic but claimed no fault.) f. Hood (It’s not perfect, and when the passenger’s front strut mount broke it knocked a dent into the hood, plus a couple of other dents) g. Rear Tail Lights (Lenses broken and faded, probably take them off the 940 as well unless I can find a pair from a 960/V90) h. The alarm’s siren was unhooked (just needs to be reconnected) Misc. a. Every time I start the car I tap the top of the dash to make the Amp Meter work (It became a subconscious habit) b. Until it’s connected to a relay set to start automatically the cooling fan is a must in traffic, and will kill the battery in a few minutes if the car isn’t running. It’ll also cause the car to overheat if it’s not used. c. The brakes should be re-bled (I had to do it myself, and I’m sure there is still air in them. the passenger’s rear brake caliper is the one that feels like it’s not grabbing properly) d. I only run 93 Octane Fuel in the car. Lower octane causes predetonation ping over 8PSI of boost pressure e. The engine (since I’ve had it) has only been treated with Valvoline 100% synthetic 20/50 oil. That’s why the turbo doesn’t smoke or leak. f. M46 Overdrive trans has been converted to Redline MTL which will help, but they’re made of glass. g. Always use the clutch to engage or disengage the over drive. h. Never attempt to use the overdrive below 45MPH, there’s not enough pressure to keep the OD clutches engaged and it causes it to slip. i. That car gives no warning, and is unforgivable. When the rear end breaks loose in a hard corner, there’s no tire squall, you will simply find yourself pointing the other direction. It is easy to powerslide the car if you’re expecting it to let go, otherwise it will do it’s best to kill you. It’s a good thing the seats are black. j. The car does not lean. It will pick a tire up, before leaning, if it picks a tire up, you’re toast. k. There is a slight rumbling noise/groan under hard braking is from the crossdrilled rotors, the brake dust is from the ceramic pads, apparently both are normal. l. The ABS does work, but it’s a “pop-off” bosch system. With the 18X8 wheels and tires it’s kind of scary, but it stops, well. The ABS only handles the front wheels. m. The tires may as well be painted on. I HAVE TO REMEMBER TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS, hitting something that will bend the rims those wheels may be the last set in existence. n. The car rides so rough that the CD player is functionally useless. I just used SD cards, or my blackberry. o. Until the Fuel Pump relay is replaced, the car may not start when it’s hot inside the car. (Once it starts, it’s all good) p. Manual boost controller. It takes very little input to make a change. 1/8th a turn is about 1SI. That engine will not withstand anything over 11PSI, the system does not deliver enough fuel to keep it from leaning out under boost. q. Never, ever force the gear shift. The glass transmission will just break, I promise.

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