Started on June 24 by David S. Wallens

1988 Honda CRX

Here’s our low-buck track car. It’s one of the lightweight, super-economic HF models fitted with a high-winding, twin-cam B16A engine. To save weight, the HF cars didn’t get a sunroof, rear wiper or even right-side mirror. Car weighs about 1900 pounds empty, and the engine puts nearly 160 horsepower to the ground. It’s easy to drive and easy on tires. It has also covered more than 200,000 miles to date, and that’s original paint.

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June 30, 2009, 6:16 p.m.

COOL!! Honda is almost bulletproof

Aug. 24, 2010, 9:50 a.m.

Great cars! I had an '85 SI that tore up the local autocross scene in pure stock form. It won more than one FTD Street Stock trophy. At 150K miles I sold it to a Pizza delivery guy. He now has over 270K miles on it and has done no major work! This is the kind of cars Honda should still be making!

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