Started on July 8 by BanzaiBeast

1990 Honda CRX Si


Last year I thought I needed four seats in a daily driver. My Integra GSR was a good sportscar, but that car is not very competitive in its autocross class. After driving a CRX in STS2, I had to have one. Many of the go-fast parts fit both so it should be cheap….right! It is not easy to find a solid CRX Si that has the original engine. This one went over a curb, got bent, then sat for several years. It is finally ready to race. Koni SPS3 struts w/ GC coilovers 450f/550r Replaced the Used ST rear bar with a 3-piece Nascar style bar Kirkey Economy Drag Seat Mobil-1 Energy Suspension Bushings DC header DEKA battery next to frame rail RPF-1 Wheels Bridgestone RE-11s

Latest updates
July 21
Sway Bar

Some of the photos do not show the difference in the new piece. The OEM …

July 19
Bladed Sway Bar

It is finally done! I have built my own 3-piece rear sway bar. All the …

June 24
Toning Up my rear end!

The car never felt like there was a handling issue, just never quite fast enough. …

June 24
Fired Up...Again

After having my butt kicked last year…regularly, it’s time to get this thing in better …

April 23
Side project

The CRX had been doing pretty well during 2009 in autocrosses and normal driving. There …

Dec. 05

The front of the car needed much attention after it came home. The shocks were …

Dec. 02
Red Plastic

A car nearly twenty years old is going to need some updates to give a …

Nov. 25
Appearance & Graphics II

Maybe it’s just me, racecars need some stickers on them. All the really fast cars …

Nov. 25
Appearance & Graphics I

The CRX is a short, stubby car. To visually lengthen it, the designers placed the …

Nov. 23
Front Crossmember

When the car went over the curb, the biggest damage stemmed from the front crossmember …

Nov. 20
The Beginning

Sorry for being out of sequence. This poor little car was borrowed by the former …

Nov. 10
After Engine Bay

Lots of cleaning and stripping the flaking paint from the valve cover. Using some VHT …

Nov. 09
Engine Bay

Anticipating a tough fight to place at the Divisional in Missouri, I had to wrap …

Aug. 24

The tires are getting scrubbed in pretty good, the racing seat is in, and I …

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