Started on Dec. 27 by White_and_Nerdy

2003 Volkswagen Jetta Smyth Performance Ute

This car began life as a 2003 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. After driving 239k miles to the moon, we bought it for $600, then cut it up and installed the Smyth Performance Ute kit, turning it into a small pickup truck reminiscent of the old Mk1 VW Pickup/Caddy. In fact I even put a modern “Caddy” badge on the tailgate, along with the standard 1.8T and VW badges. This kit isn’t just for looks. Despite cutting 1/4 of the original car away it’s just as strong as before, with the aluminum bed restoring the car’s original strength. It’s also tough enough to handle actual truck work, like transporting lumber, chicken feed, and small motorcycles. Other mods include Euro-spec headlights, Draft 42 Designs shifter bushings, a trailer hitch, and a Kenwood ham radio for rally support. Future plans include a lift, all-terrain tires, and a nicer paint or Plastidip job than the “Mad Max” black primer.

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