Started on May 21 by VitaminJ

Honda 1986 Civic Hatch Si - new video


I built up the EW3 engine from my ‘86 CRX Si that was totalled. It’s got high compression pistons from a 1989 Integra, a big cam regrind from Webcams, and an adjustable cam gear. I ported and polished it like crazy and gasket matched everything. It’s got a 4-1 header with a 2.25” cat-less exhaust. The motor is balanced and the flywheel has been lightened. It revs to 8k no problem. I rebuilt the tranny with new synchros and bearings. I also installed an LSD. It’s got Upgrade Motoring torsion bars up front, Monkeyz-Tek coil-over in rear, Tokico Illuminas all around. I also installed Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings. It rolls on ‘04 Civic Si wheels w/ Dunlop 205/50/15s. This car I built just for a good time. I’ve done a few track days and autocrosses with it, and I share it as a daily driver with my Miata. haven’t got it on the dyno yet, but after I tune it I expect over 130bhp. Not to bad in a 1800lbs car ;) Man does it handle well! I took it to a track day I was instructing at and was able to get a few hot laps. I was instructing in Spec Miatas, and I drove the Honda pretty much the same way. It turned in beautifully and the rear would follow oh so nicely. I could throttle steer through every corner and the car was super responsive. I only had push on the low speed corner exits where the car was struggling to put down the power. I never had understeer on corner entry. I didn’t want to stop driving it, just so much fun. On the straightaways the engine would open up and rev rev rev. I could take it all the way to 7700rpm without feeling the power drop, and shifting that high means the lowest rpms you ever see are 5500 :D drivin on a mountain road:

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