Started on July 21 by ratghia

1952 Volkswagen Beetle 11a


This is my 1952 standard beetle. The standards had no chrome, a special headliner, cable brakes, non-adjustable seats, a non-synchromesh transmission, and no accessories. Standards were foreign market cars only and never brought to the US. This car is also a late 1952 so it is a zwitter (oval window dash and split rear window ). The fact that it is a standard and a zwitter makes the car very rare. It all started about a month ago when I was visiting some local vw people. Through talking it came up that one knew about a very early beetle in a junk yard. We figured that the very early beetle would turn out to be a late model once we got there. After talking to the owner on the phone we decided to go and check it out. When we arrived at the yard we found a 1952 beetle sitting amongst many older American cars. The owner told us that it was a 1952 body on a 1966 chassis and it would need a specially constructed vin to be driven. He also said we couldn’t buy it but instead had to put in a bid and he would get back to us. When I got home and looked at some of the pictures and called upon some experts an the samba they concluded that the car was the rarer standard model (we think from Sweden) and I determined that it was not on a 1966 chassis but the original. We continued to call the guy once a week and he said the same “Well I don’t know if I can sell it and I am not ready yet maybe next week” Last Saturday when we were on vacation in Boston we got a call from the guy saying that it all needed to be gone now and that he was going to scrap it all. He told us if we were there Monday we might be able to get it. When we got to the yard we first had to move a car and piles of scrap aluminum to make a path to get it out of the yard. The car has some rust in the rockers, passenger side floor, and the rear luggage area but is decent for a car sitting outside in Pa for almost 40 years. I plan on doing a complete restoration bringing the interior and exterior back to factory specs but beating the car with the lowering stick to the point where the pan lays on the ground. I think that I will build a old speed dual carbed 36hp engine with a hot cam and my 356 crank giving me some extra displacement and double the power.

Latest updates
Sept. 22
Birth cert.

The car was built December 12, 1952. It was originally shipped to Hoffman Motors in …

Aug. 22
Started work on the engine

I tore apart my 912 engine to get the crank out. The crank will give …

Aug. 22
took her to her first show

I took the car to its first show on July 26. I tried to clean …

July 24
Cleaned the vin plate

I was able to confirm that not only is the car an original standard but …

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