Started on Aug. 3 by Dave_Jorgensen

1953 MG TD


-Judson supercharged at 6psi -30 thou overbore to 1280cc -line-bored and magnifluxed -Ford Sierra 5-speed -right-hand drive -articulated cycle fenders -12 inch alfin drums -16 inch wire wheels with 185 Michelin X’s -alternator and negative ground -Brooklands racing screens -fiberglass hard top -roll bar -lowered with MGB track springs -front sway bar -rear tube shocks -4:88 MGA rear diff for lower revs on highway -BRG and black; a tribute to the great MG’s of the ‘30’s This is a ground-up, bare-metal restoration starting with a rather sad and tired car in April, 2005. We’re pretty close to being finished - hopefully by the end of September, 2009

Latest updates
July 31
Into the vineyards

The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is making some of the most wonderful wines in …

July 31
Over the mountains

So the TD took its first trans-mountain expedition - almost 1000 kilometres in 13 hours. …

July 08
The dash in all its walnut glory.

What if there had been a D-Magnette? What if horrible things hadn’t happened in Europe …

July 08
A fine July night for a drive.

In Alberta, we have nine months of winter and three months of tough sleddin’. Either …

July 03
Spring on the northern prairie

26ºC last week - a fine time to make a long run with the screens …

July 03
Fall on the northern prairie

Of course it’s a bit cramped for two people - a bit like a Cessna …

July 03

I’ve got a Mitsubishi 60 amp alternator in there, but the ghost of Joseph Lucas …

July 03
With the hard top fitted

It took a long time to get the hard top re-shaped and properly fitted, but …

April 26
first spring drive

Easter Sunday is a nice day to resurrect a car from a winter’s sleep. +10º …

Dec. 23
A study in black and white

Honest officer, this exhaust ain’t too low.

Oct. 31
Asleep for the coming northern winter

And now to sleep for the winter - some Sta-bil in the tank, a car …

July 18
A real sports car now

No longer just a statue; we can finally make our way down the back roads …

July 15
We finally terrorize the streets

Cam’s done, crank works - we’ve got spark and gas and oil and air. Got …

July 13
the final push

We’ve trimmed the hardtop to fit the original side curtains, and painted it to match …

June 27
engine meltdown

We were all set to roll for the summer, but a sticky oil pressure gauge …

Jan. 26
more on the front fenders

Here’s a second shot of the fender carrier.

Jan. 26
articulated fenders

Basil: The supports for the front fenders are attached to a carrier that sits behind …

Dec. 24
First drive - in the snow.

-20 degrees C, two days before Christmas, and it’s time. Michelin X’s make lousy snow …

Dec. 19
living color

A 3/4 shot - we’ve just about got ourselves a Bentley, but we’re a bit …

Dec. 19
Supercharged by Judson

The Judson emblems are now on the side of the hood - start-up and a …

Dec. 19
relays behind the dash

In order to keep the smoke inside the wires, we’ve used relays. Consequently, no heat …

Sept. 26
Trying to get the panel sorted

We’re putting four gauges in the middle panel: boost, oil temp, ammeter, and a combined …

Sept. 06
And now we try the hardtop

It’s a tight fit, and the mounting hardware has gone the way of the wind. …

Sept. 05
We're making progress!

Hood’s on now, fuel pump and a few other small things done. Now it’s wiring …

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Tim Baxter
Sept. 8, 2009, 2:36 p.m.

I love this TD. And the photography. Beautiful.

Jan. 26, 2010, 11:17 a.m.

I like this a lot. Great work! I've got a 15 year TD restoration project in the garage that is going nowhere right now. I'd like to do something similar as you've done. Where can I get info on the articulated front fenders?

June 11, 2010, 12:07 p.m.

super cool! nicely done all the way around - right colors, good equipment, and fine craftsmanship.

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