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1973 TVR 2500M


As a good friend said to me, “You’re 25% done, 125%” left to go! I think the pic tells the story. What we have here is a 1973 TVR 2500M. This is the second car that I’ve attempted to work on………….and it quickly turned into a complete end-to-end ground up car build. Ever since I saw my first TVR in the pages of GRM, I’ve always wanted one. I tracked one down in MIssouri as I was completing my V8 powered Pontiac Fiero. It sat in the shop for a few years while I finished the Fiero…….and decided what I wanted to accomplish with the TVR. The original plan was to just bolt on a pair of carbs to the TR6 motor and autocross in Prepared. Once I found out that the cage that the DPO (dreaded previous owner) put in the car would not meet an inspection, let alone let me put any sort of seat in the car, I decided to at least take the car apart and start to correct a few things that I saw that were wrong with the car. After putting the frame on a chassis table and finding out that the car was involved in some sort of accident that bent the frame, and coupled with parts of the tub that were missing and replaced with aluminum sheet, I decided to build a car that would look vintage from the outside, but have a few more modern technical advances underneath. Currently the car has a new frame that supports a narrowed C4 front and rear suspension, and an LT1 motor and T56 trans. A proper rollcage is presently being fitted along with equal length custom built headers and side exhaust. Once the frame and engine tubing is bent, the car will get flares to cover the 8” front and 11” rear wheels.

Latest updates
Jan. 24
bodywork 3

moar pic

Jan. 24
bodywork 2

more pic

Jan. 24

Bodywork continues. Adding ‘68 Camaro taillights, large Cobra style filler on the decklid, and glassing …

May 20
chassis 2

Second pic — with the body on.

May 20
chassis 1

First pic of the completed chassis/rollcage.

Oct. 11
cage being installed

Making progress on the TVR - getting a cage installed along with some additional frame …

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