Dec 11, 2008 update on DFuzz's Sunbeam Imp

Dec. 2008

A short update on the Imp….The gearbox was disassembled and overhauled. The problem was caused by a tapered bearing that had come apart, resulting in too much play causing the gearbox to pop out of gear. Luckily the rest of the internals were still fine and no serious damage had occurred. It was reassembled with new bearing and seals and it shifts great now. No longer is it like stirring a pot of warm oatmeal during gear changes. I have purchased an oil cooler, which will be installed soon. I also purchased a complete set of urethane suspension bushings and I hope to install them over the winter.

As far as the cosmetics are concerned, there are a few minor dents that need to be removed from the fenders, so after that is done, I am debating some new paint. The original colour was a robin-egg blue colour, so I am trying to decide if it should go back to that, or something more “sporty” like the yellow. Whatever I decide, I want it to be fitting for the car. I have a while to decide that though.


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