Started on Oct. 14 by Keith Tanner

2002 BMW M5


A 540i Sport with the 6-speed is a good car. Quick, quiet, athletic. But what happens when the BMW engineers are told to turn it up to 11? The M5 happens. Four doors. Fine Germanic leather. Alcantara headliner. And, of course, 400 horsepower. It’s the Real Car of the family. Not some over-engined mutant or anorexic athlete. It’s low-key menace that coddles us in luxury and packs a mean right hook. I haven’t come up with this many transparent excuses to take a car for a ride in decades.

Latest updates
April 18
Bushing time.

The M5 is a bit of a high maintenance car. I’ve spent quite a bit …

Oct. 20
A realization.

I have come to a realization. I’ve always felt the E39 was the best looking …

Aug. 10
Hack my ride!

The E39 M5 is a complicated car. In order to keep the wiring harness from …

Jan. 06
Bad ground?

The car has a few little electrical gremlins. I’m starting to think there’s a bad …

Nov. 23

No major news, just a cool picture. Life with the Beast is proving to be …

Oct. 29
Getting to know you.

Man, it’s hard to keep black cars clean. I swear this car causes dirt. We’re …

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