Started on Nov. 13 by Tetzuoe

1985 Volkswagen Golf

Wonderful little car this, Bought in north Philly for 250 bucks. We originally planned to prep the car for Lemons, which turned out to be too expensive. After a bit of consideration this ended up as our first BA2BE chariot. The car was already flat blacked, and “race prepped” in that the entire dash board, and all of the interior was removed. We bolted the back seat, seat belts, and most of the other passable bits back into the poor car. Sawzalled the dash board in half, and fabbed up a quick and dirty control panel to operate all the extra lights, horns, and starter motor of the car. The starter was a fuseless battery -> button -> starter -> ground circuit that had me nervous for most of the 1500 mile journey down. The car originally had a MK3 auto trans shoe horned behind her motor. We took everything out and did a quick manual swap, which required surprisingly little knowledge, though tons of effort and many late nights. The shifter bracket on the transmission was flattened and drilled out to produce a comically insane short shifter. Since our plans were to rally with 3 people we needed as much space as we could get, The roof rack from a hyundai elantra (junk yard) was drilled into the roof. Surprisingly the roof rack had vw brackets on it from the start! An infrared sniper scope box made most of our roof decoration, with the spare tire and gas can keeping everything in check. A bungee strap squid was required to hold the hood on, a morning shakedown without the cords in place actually threw the hood up in my face, luckily this did not shatter the windsheild. Since the computer was blown the car made a whopping 13mpg the entire way down, during some of the worst gas prices imaginable! Sick of the incredible cost we sold the car in New Orleans for 400. The buyer evidently left the car in his apartment parking lot, neglecting to do any title transfers.. .I got two letters saying I could pick up my Golf for 1500 bucks! woohoo, let me get my hat! Havent heard from her since.

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