Started on May 27 by teamdixonracing

Honda Civic, 1977


This is currently my project in waiting. The RX-7 has to be finished for the $2008 Challenge before I get started on this. Here’s the plan for the car: Dec. 2008 - May 2009 My brother and I are going to get it running and on the road so we can trouble shoot it. In May 2009 we’re going to run it in the BABE Rally. May 2009 - Oct 2010 The real work begins (building it into a Challenge car). (So far all of the below is speculation due to the fact that I haven’t done enough research yet.) Since I also own a 1994 Civic I think I’m going to use it for measuring purposes and see how much of the 92-95 Civic suspension parts I can put on the 77. I have found that there is not a lot of aftermarket for 77 Civics. Since the car will be running I plan to sort out all of the suspension first. Next step is possible engine swap. My thoughts right now are possible D16 swap. I’ve also decided that I would like to be able to use this car as an around town car and an autox car so I’m thinking about retaining the D16 AC parts. (It get’s HOT here in Alabama) Next will be interior and body work. I plan to update the interior a little (haven’t decided detains yet). Again I would like it to be comfortable for driving so I will probably keep full interior. The outside I plan to keep yellow with black rims.

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