Started on Oct. 4 by WilberM3

1995 Jeep $2012 Cherokee XJ-R


Built for the $2010 GRM Challenge. Its a 95 Cherokee 2 door, 2wd, AW4 auto, 4.0L i6 on megasquirt (now with turbo!). Rear suspension is a swapped in 8.8” LSD w/disks, spring under conversion with extra junk cherokee leafs for spring rate(ground smooth, greased, and wrapped in duct tape), Tacoma TRD bilsteins, and no swaybar. Front is the stock live axle with upper and lower mounts relocated as low as possible, cut, bent, and rewelded for -2.5 degrees static camber, relocated track rod mount,1-1/8” addco swaybar, and 3” lift springs cut down to desired ride height and increased spring rate. We turbocharged it at the challenge friday night after the autocross with an ebay special $120 shipped T3/T4 50-trim turbo and ran out of fuel badly so it isnt tuned right just yet, but part throttle power is very encouraging. check more out on our page

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