Oct 23, 2017 update on Randy_Forbes's 1957 Austin-Healey 100/6 two seater

October 23, 2017 update

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Besides relocating BN6L/942, along with its stablemates and support system to SW Florida some 5-1/2 years ago, it’s also undergone some completion efforts. Interior was completely retrimmed with Moss Motors tan materials. The xmsn was reverted back to the original side-shifter/ovd (and the overdrive blew up and was replaced…); ALL the trans gears, levers, rods, shafts, etc., were treated to a full complement of polymer coatings (Techline dry-film lubricant, thermal barrier & thermal dispersant). The ralle-style bolt-on wheels were swapped out for a set of Dayton center-laced chrome wire wheels (correct for the 289 AC Cobra) and all new hubs and K/O spinners (hubs, rotors, etc., polymer coated). After getting stuck in some downtown stop-n-go traffic, and fearing the engine loading up on fuel, I added an MSD AL-6II ignition system__WOW, what a difference that made! The existing Mallory d/p distributor is now using only a single set of its contact points to trigger the the under cowl mounted MSD. Also nice to be able to utilize the soft-cut rev limiter (too bad I didn’t have that when I used to autocross it…). The car will be coming up on its Fortieth Anniversary under my ownership on April 1st, 2018 (no joke, used my ‘77 tax refund check as a down payment) and is still turning people’s heads every time I take it out.


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