Started on Sept. 10 by bikesnrovers

1969 Triumph GT6 Mk2

I wasn’t going to post this one since it is a long way off from being on the road again. But, I thought, why not… This is a 1969 GT6 Mk2, not the Plus that was sold here in the States but a Mk2 imported at sometime from the UK. Many long years ago I had a Mk1, if I recall correctly, shortly out of high school. I bought it to replace a Datsun 1600 that was wrecked by a friend. I really was not looking for a project car, having been working on refreshing a ‘65 Land Rover for sometime. But a friend in Phoenix, AZ, spotted this car sent me the pictures and said “…but it’s a right hand drive!” I was hooked. What I know of the car is it was purchased in Phoenix for a SpitSix project, but was saved from being parted since it was a bit rare here in the US - being a Mk2 and not a Plus. Last time it was registered, from what I can glean, was 1991. I believe the car made its way to Phoenix, in about 1989, from California. I would love to find the person who brought it over from the UK. It still has its UK registration plate and I have found out that it was purchased in 1969 in the greater London area. It started life a deep blue and that is what I will return it to. Other than that, and some rust repair, I intend to keeping the car as “stock” as practical. I will make a few minor up-grades - Pertronix and a new wiring harness and fuse block (I had a fire in my old one and I don’t care to relive that portion of my youth!). If anyone has an idea that they might know this car please contact me at This isn’t the most flattering picture of the GT6, but it does show the UK registration plate. Just in case someone out there might know the car.

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Sept. 10, 2008, 10:24 p.m.

My 67 GT6 was that Triumph deep blue. Very pretty on the GT6. Phoenix has a couple of pretty active clubs, and some of their members have been in the clubs a long long time. Have you tried contacting them?

Sept. 12, 2008, 3:42 p.m.

That was/is an excellent suggestion and I have started contacting clubs in the Phoenix area. Maybe next year I will have it ready for B.E.A.T. and I will get it down for that and see if anyone knows it. That is really ambitious... getting it ready for B.E.A.T. and driving it down to Arizona just so I can drive it around Arizona... Hmm, maybe I'll just send pictures...

Sept. 24, 2008, 5:10 p.m.

I was able to track down the previous owner in the Phoenix area and he is the one that imported it in 1984 from the UK. He is also the one the painted it red (sigh) from its original blue. I am really surprised at the good, rust-free, condition of the car. Having lived most of its life in England, and what I have read about UK cars, I thought there would be much more rust.

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