Started on Oct. 1 by duffelpud

Mercedes-Benz 420SL

I recently acquired this low-production European SL from the friend of the original owner’s son. It was shipped over from Germany in the 80’s as a gray market MB and has been meticulously cared for with the exception of having been parked for too long and not driven enough. The most recent lapse resulted in a disturbing amount of smoke in the exhaust. That’s when I came into posession of the vehicle and discovered the culprit was not a blown engine, as thought, but deteriorated valve stem seals (a relatively easy fix). This car is a dream to drive with its mid-range acceleration reminescent of a recent ride in a Pitts aerobatic biplane. I’ve yet to top it out but at 125mph there are plenty of horses still waiting beneath its ominous bonnet. I never would have imagined owning such a dream of an automobile, but a little luck and perfect timing brought ‘Sugar’ home.

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Oct. 1, 2008, 12:56 p.m.

Perfect looks for the 107SL ! Worlds easiest classic to deal with; even easy to work on! Always feel like they will take you across the country without breathing hard (except the gas bill!) I've had a 450SL and still have a SLC semi-ralley replica in the works Use synthetic to protect those cams and never let the gas get stale - major labor fix.......

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