Started on Oct. 8 by Sownman

Sunbeam Alpine 260 (Tiger Mk1)

My Tiger was made LH drive for sale in Europe and as such carries a rather rare VIN. It is an LROFE car probably first sold in Germany as an Alpine 260 (for the 260cu V8) rather than a Tiger. There was a copyright issue with the Tiger name already being used in Germany and France. Sunbeam was not allowed to use the Tiger name in those countries. Less than 50 Alpine 260’s are known to survive and only 7 in the USA. The Alpine 260’s in the USA usually came home with servicemen.

Latest updates
June 10
Updated wheels and ties

Returned car to factory wheels, caps, trim rings, and ww bias ply tires

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June 16, 2009, 1:52 p.m.

Nice car, no hard feeling Steve.

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