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1992 Volkswagen A2 Golf GTI 8v


`92 8v. Bought it new, because my (then) wife was upset that my BMW 2002 project dropped a valve seat on the way to daycare with my 9mo old daughter. Daily driver then, daily driver now. Along the way: Urethane front and Audi TT rear bushings on the front control arms. Neuspeed sport springs with Tokico non-adjustable struts. Black pleather from somebody’s wrecked Jetta GLI. Car was in really good shape until 2006, when in a 6-month period, the seats started tearing, the headliner fell out, the sunroof cables stretched, the front bumper cover came really loose (front flares fell out of their perches on the Interstate and were practically destroyed), and some little “chickiebaby” on the cel in her SUV nailed me at a stoplight. Almost sold it, decided to keep it after noticing I spent all my internet time looking for another one (better `the devil you know’, right? ). Paid for the bodywork out of my own pocket to keep a clean title (the woman that hit me was on Allstate, and they wanted to total it). While in the body shop, added new front bumper cover and front fender flares. Not painted because my old racing buddy who did the sheetmetal repair knows I’m going to have the dented doors repaired as well, and he doesn’t want to paint it twice. 222K on the original clutch, was giving 29mpg in mixed driving before E10 became mandatory in Atlanta metro.

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Sept. 17
I just realized..

Every pic I posted is from the side that wasn’t hit. Here she is after …

Aug. 26

I’m the original owner of this car. Back in the 1990s, one of the first …

June 15
Does mileage matter?

Y’know, when I first put this one up on the Ride page, I bragged about …

April 24
Mounted `em up..

The new Snowflakes are finally on the car. I can’t afford to put new rubber …

March 26
Aren't they pretty?

I love the internet. The other car forum I visit is If you’re a …

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