Started on March 2 by Strathclyde

1988 Volvo 740 Turbo (M46 manual)

This is one of my favorite cars I’ve had. I bought it in an attempt to economize, selling a perfectly good 2000 VW Golf with 47,000 miles on it—the Volvo had 150,000! But it was a really pleasant car to drive: superlatively comfortable, with great visibility, decently quick and an utter blast in the snow. It looked great, but I soon discovered the floors were pretty rusty. I fixed that, but not properly, and the carpets were always damp. I got married while I had this car, and rather than take my wife’s 2002 Mazda Protege (5-speed), we took this on our honeymoon to Lake Superior, because it was such a comfy old cruiser. It went through a period of rapid deterioration in late 2007, and was becoming undependable. By August of 2008, I had my ‘03 Passat and the Volvo was for sale.

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