Started on March 26 by VWguyBruce

1986 Volkswagen Jetta GLi

1986 Jetta GLi prepared for the Challenge. As the car sits, we spent around $1900 with the NOS. A few more parts to sell and install the 2 liter ABA, turbo…. The first autox with the coilovers proved fruitless as the car was only running on 3 cylinders. You can still see the fire damage by the rear wheel from Challenge preparation in $2008. We made it for $2009. ——-Drivetrain——- - Stock motor with AC/PS removed - Solid motor mounts - TT exhaust from the junkyard w/ Cat removed - K&N Filter - Stock CIS-E fuel injection - Home brew catch can - Close ratio trans with Peloquin 80% shim kit - Missing Linkz shift kit with all new bushings ——-Brakes——- - Braided hoses - Metal Master Pads ——-Suspension——- - Bilstein Sport struts/shocks - Ebay coilovers, 450/572# springs - Poly/TT control arm bushings - Ebay strut bar - Home brew shock tower bar - EuroSport Camber plates - Poly rear shock bushings - EuroSport -1degree rear shims ——-Interior/Exterior——- - Gutted interior/trunk - Gti front seats - Heat removed - Euro front bumper/ Rear bumper lightened - 14” VW Snowflakes with old Hoosiers

Latest updates
Dec. 06
Challenge Results

Looks like I finished 36th overall. Definitely proud of that and the 23rd place finish …

Sept. 25
Prepping New Motor

Stripped down 2 litre motor to a short block and have the head on the …

Sept. 22
More suspension stuff

Swapped in some 572# springs in the rear the other night. It allowed me to …

June 03
Rota Slipstreams

Picked up a set of Rota Slipstreams a couple months back. Got a good deal …

June 02
Cam, G60 valve cover, solid front motor mount

Picked up a TT 260 cam the other day for $40 and installed it with …

April 02
3 Cylinder Operation Corrected

Whilst running the autox the other day the car was only revving to 4000rpm and …

March 26
Soap Dispenser Catch Can

We autox’d it last fall the weekend after we missed the Challenge. Blowby was so …

March 26
Coilover Conversion

Purchased Ebay coilovers from a fellow GRMer. Finally had time to install them. They turned …

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