Started on April 8 by cliffxr

1986 Merkur XR4Ti


The car is an 86 XR4Ti. I’ve had it since 1990. It’s been modified ever since. Recent mods include a Boss block (bored/stroked to a 331) with AFR 195 heads, custom grind cam, ProSystems 750 carb on a Edelbrock Air Gap manifold. Trans is a TKO 600RR. Rear end is a David Godfrey 8.8 IRS with 3.55 gears. Brakes are 6 pot Wilwoods up front and 4 pots out back. Although it’s street legal, I use it primarily for HPDE events.

Latest updates
July 29
Engine update 2

Split the stock block in half at Road Atlanta last year. Went with a new …

June 01
New paint/fender flares/wheels/TKO600 transmission

After living with 15” wheels and tires for waaay too long, I finally took the …

April 03
New Outkast bumper

Got the Outkast bumper from Rob Booth painted and installed finally. Fit and finish took …

July 16
Underhood pic

Latest pic underhood. Just wrapped the headers a couple weeks ago. Other cool things are …

July 16
New lights and grille

Added Silverado headlights and a Rob Booth grille. The look is different, but the grille …

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