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Nov 14, 2013
1965 Land Rover IIA Short Wheel Base

Ex-NATO, served 20 years in the motorpool of the British Army of the Rhine

Feb 08, 2010
2001 Land Rover Discovery ll SE

I thought long and hard about this purchase…and then I did it anyway! LOL Like my Datsun, when you get the bug, you can’t help yourself.

Oct 19, 2009
2001 Land Rover Discovery II

2001 Land Rover Discovery II

Jul 16, 2009
Land Rover Series IIa 88

Rusty, named for former color, is a 1965 IIa station wagon. He has under gone some big changes in his life. I started with the 2.25 petrol lump and had to change the head because of a crack within the …

Jul 16, 2009
Land Rover Defender 90

1994 Maybe not a classic yet, but fairly rare. Bought new in ‘94. Mostly stock. 3.8 V8 5 speed manual. Lots of fun, and will climb a tree ;)

Aug 29, 2009
Land Rover IIa 88" Station Wagon

Back before they put the Sport in SUV, there was the Land Rover. Basil - that’s him in the picture - is a 1967 that started life as a diamond exploration truck in northern Ontario. I pulled him out of …

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