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Sep 16, 2015
1968 Volvo 1800 S

1968 Volvo 1800 S. Dark Green over Tan interior. B20/F with SUs. Isky VV71 cam. 2” exhaust system. J type electric overdrive.

Jul 31, 2014
1967 Volvo 122

DCOE Hot Head CAM MSD Mallory Distributor Up graded suspension

Jul 26, 2012
1971 Volvo 142 E

Saved from under a tree behind our shop. soon to be daily driver.

Jul 01, 2012
1971 Volvo 1800E

Fully” restored 1800E - aka work in progress. Isn’t that why it’s called a hobby?

Apr 13, 2012
1968 Volvo 1800S

Red, lowered, nice engine

Aug 11, 2011
1958 Volvo pv-444

110 hp- brit engine with twin su-4’s carbs

Mar 15, 2011
1962 Volvo 122S

1962 122S (stock photo)

May 25, 2010
1967 Volvo 122s

Hey everyone, i need your help i have a 122s with a b20. for what i can tell its all original. but im having some issues with her. i think its the timing, but im unsure so would anyone know …

Feb 17, 2010
1965 Volvo 122S Wagon

1965 122S Wagon Project

Feb 02, 2010
1966 Volvo 122

Its finished and i’m riding. I still need to put in 5 speed tranny for better crusing

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