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Tom Suddard Tom Suddard

Welcome to my bio, and congratulations on making it perhaps deeper into our website than anyone else on the planet. You must be either a super fan or a stalker, but either way thank you for being passionate enough about us to find this page.

Tim and Margie are this company’s founders, and also my parents. So I grew up in the business, selling subscriptions when I was in elementary school, starting my racing career in go-karts at age eight, and writing my first feature story at age 12. After some time working in a body shop and a stint at Hagerty, I graduated from Stetson University with a degree in Family Enterprise Management before returning to the company full time. I’ve been here ever since, following my dream of keeping Motorsport Marketing, Inc. a family-owned business full of happy, passionate car people making an excellent product for a happy, passionate audience.

I’m an owner of the company and the Publisher, which means it’s my job to keep everything moving in the right direction. Or, as I say in team meetings, “If this doesn’t work, we all have to go out and get real jobs, so let’s make sure this works.”

I’m the proud husband of Nicole, our marketing coordinator, and the proud father of a cat named Eloise. My daily driver is an F-150 Lightning, and you’ll find everything from a 1929 Ford Model A to a modern Porsche Cayman in my garage, which usually totals somewhere around 10 cars and motorcycles. I’m a big fan of engine swaps, as evidenced by my LS-swapped 350Z or my LFX-swapped Miata, but I also have a soft spot for little British cars, turbochargers, and electric vehicles. I also have a bad habit of dragging home antique machine tools, so on weekends you’ll find me piddling away at my mill, lathe and surface grinder learning how to make my own parts. When I’m not in the garage, I enjoy mountain biking, gaming and reading.

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