997 articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

997 articles, project cars, conversations, and more

997 articles

Buyer's Guides: Could your latest classic actually come from the computer age?

Can a later car deliver the classic Porsche 911 ownership experience? Our trip down this path has taught us a few things.

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What does a performance alignment look like? | Project Porsche 997

Our Porsche 997 scored rave reviews at its first track outing: “It’s so good that there is no way to do anything to make it better without ruining …

Before returning to the track, an oil service for our Porsche 997

Before we could return to the track with our new Bridgestone RE-71RS tires and Apex wheels, we needed to do an oil service on our Porsche …

Picking the right brake pad compound for our 997

At our first track day in our Porsche 997, we began to run out of brakes. Despite Porsche’s reputation for superior stopping performance, the FIRM can be a …

Better check now: How dirty is your car’s air filter?

Our Porsche 997 had covered less than 25,000 miles and came to us looking clean. But was it all that clean?

Not the air filter.

We ordered …

The simple upgrades that made our Porsche 997 faster on track

Could we make our Porsche 997 better on track without destroying its street manners?

That was our goal with this project. We picked up this 2007 Porsche …

997 Readers' Rides

Jun 05, 2020 by chrisflint
2010 None Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Instagram: @chrisflint 2010 - 997.2 C4S PDK

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